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1TB Mobile Data Sim Card Giveaway

Tiny sim, Huge amount of Mobile Data.

To celebrate the launch of Nerospec NETWORKS Bonded Connectivity we are proud to announce South Africa’s biggest data giveaway. Expect nothing less with a mountain of mobile data that will challenge you or your business to reach for the digital stars.

This 1000GB Sim card, allows you to download, play or stream your way to unlimited opportunities.

Supported by SA’s largest mobile network and available on a month to month or 12-month contract basis.


2020 had its fair share of down-time but the future of connectivity has arrived just in time for a digital revolution in 2021. Bonded Connectivity is sure to  make 2021 the year of endless digital possibilities.


Bonded Connectivity is different connections or different providers bonded together into one single connection solution. Available as a stationary or fixed solution for businesses with problematic internet connections.

Available also as a unique mobile solution contained in a carry case with the possibility of making use of a single or multiple LTE SIM cards ensuring a more secure connection even in the most remote locations.


Bonded connectivity is more resilient, many times faster and guarantees more up-time thanks to multiple connections. This means if one goes down the others still transfer packets of data keeping your connection up.

The unique nature of mobile bonded connectivity means that for rural applications you benefit from urban quality connectivity no matter the location.

Bonding as a Service (BAAS) is a unique offering perfect to address connectivity challenges in South Africa’s varied landscape.

From crowd connectivity at large sports events to remote uses such as blood drives in remote areas or rural camping spots and it makes for the ideal back-up solution to ensure Internet Payment Systems never fail.

What You Can Do With 1TB Of Mobile Data

Online Gaming

1TB of Data. This will allow you to play 400 Hours or 416 Netflix Movies

Livestream Animals

1TB of Data. This will allow you to Live-Stream on a Basic SD CCTV Camera in the Kruger National Park for 3,168 Hours

Conference Calls

1TB of Data. This will allow you to sit in boring Zoom Conference Calls for the next 500 Hours or 20.8 days without any sleep.


Win 1 of 100 1TB Data SIMS for 3 Months

  • Enter by answering two questions and submitting your details using the entry form on this page
  • One hundred lucky winners (businesses, charities and individuals) will each walk away with a 1TB Sim card for three months (total of 3TB of data per sim card)
  • Winners will have their Sim card couriered to them and the Sim card will be loaded with 1TB of mobile data each month for three months
  • Six lucky charities stand a chance to win two years of connectivity
  • Thirty two winners will be announced across three shows on Hot 91.9 between the 16th and 21st November 2020
      • 1 x Winner per day (Sim Only)
      • 1 x Charity per day (Charity to receive a 24 month contract)
      • Mon to Sat – Total 12 Winners
    • Bunny Majaja
      • 1 x Winner per day (Sim Only)
      • 1 x Charity per day (Sim Only)
      • Mon to Fri – Total 10 Winners
    • Big Joburg Drive
      • 1 x Winner per day (Sim Only)
      • 1 x Charity per day (Sim Only)
      • Mon to Fri – Total 10 Winners
  • Sixty eight winners will be contacted privately and announced on this page each day between the 16th and 21st November 2020
Data Doing Good

A dream to serve animals & the community

SARAC is an animal shelter based in Soweto. They are committed to rehabilitating and re-homing stray & abused animals including dogs rescued from dog fighting rings. Due to the remoteness of their animal clinic, they rely heavily on digital connectivity to promote the animals and fund raise.


Conserve Dolphins aims to prevent the unnecessary death of endangered Humpback Dolphins due to being caught in shark nets in and around KZN. Conserve Dolphins aim to monitor Humpback Dolphins behavior using beach cameras and Nerospec NETWORKS connectivity so that you can view it live on their website.

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